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Are you ready for Alive After Five®?

By James Skidmore, Chair of the Alive After Five® Committee

“That time of the year has arrived where the temperature whispers the remnants of winter, but the birds sing the promise of spring and on that horizon is the warmth of the summer and in that summer we plan to dance on the streets.” – The Weeping Icon

Alive After Five® was voted “Best Annual Event on Long Island” by Long Islanders and with that recognition comes the challenge of planning an even more spectacular experience. As we approach the warmer months, ourAliveAfterFive team is hard at work creating a music, arts and cultural destination for the streets of Patchogue. Along with our incredible entertainment, both local and national, we are planning two themed Alive After Five’s (AA5) to add to its dimensions.

Our first themed event, on Thursday, July 23, will be “A Celebration of Women in the Arts.” AA5 is over a decade old and with it’s strong foundation comes an opportunity to expand upon its original formula and give a shout to the creative feminine force. Look for women lead bands, poets, artists and organizations who promote the empowerment of women everywhere. This event will give us an occasion to give thanks to those special women in our lives and rise all to PatchogueTheatreequality in our efforts to promote positive community.

Our second themed event, on Thursday, August 20, will be “A Celebration of Ethnic Diversity.” This theme will allow us to celebrate the multi-ethnic nature of our community and celebrate its impact on our dynamic stew. What better way is there to celebrate people of all colors, backgrounds and heritage, but to acknowledge their contribution to our ever-changing community and share the magic of each other’s cultures as they blend and evolve?

Of course, all four of our summer events are about the celebration of music. The remaining two dates are Thursdays, July 9 and August 6, with a rain date of August 27. A2014AA5_6ll of the AA5 events will promote the positive influence of music, hence its tagline, “Celebrate the Music.” Our team has conjured up some fantastic entertainment including the addition of stilt walkers, fire dancers and cultural additions, such as black smith demonstrations, live art performances and creative dancing, both familiar and innovative. This year, our west end stage will be providing a concert atmosphere with different promoters featuring indie/alternative music, ethnic beats and electronica. Our team likes to call this “the event within the event!”

Join us to celebrate life, music and experience the renaissance which is Patchogue! (The first dance is with me …)


One comment on “Are you ready for Alive After Five®?

  1. joe
    March 12, 2015

    Please keep me posted on what’s happening. I’d like to sit in on some meetings again this year and let everyone know what I’ve learned about last years AA5.


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