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Welcome to the Chamber, Fathom Clothing!

By Melissa Kuehnle, Chair of the Marketing Committee and 2nd Vice President

Not only can you find Patchogue Chamber members on the streets, you can also visit them online. Fathom Clothing is one of our digital members whose products are only available online at this time, but by the summer, they hope that their products will be available in some local shops and on Fire Island.

Fathom_2Fathom Clothing is the brainchild of Dexter Dible, James Skidmore and Steven Butera. Dible owns a graphic and web design business based in Patchogue called Creative Collaborations, so he designs all of the clothing, web content and marketing materials. Skidmore is the entertainment manager for BrickHouse Brewery in Patchogue and chairs the Alive After Five® Committee for the Patchogue Chamber. He is very involved with community organizations and donates his time to support local artists. Butera is very involved in all financial aspects of the business and is a partner with Long Island Rarities Group (LIRG), Inc., which deals in rarities, coins and stamps.

You can find Fathom Clothing online at where you can purchase t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, hats, yoga pants, sweater dresses and in the near future, they hope to offer accessories like sunglasses. All of the products are designed, printed and shipped from Patchogue.

“Patchogue is the epicenter of change and culture on Long Island,” said Dible. “It is a great place to do what we are doing. The “buy local” way of life thrives in Patchogue.”Fathom_3

The Fathom Clothing mission statement includes supporting local artists and musicians to promote their talents, which is why a local artist portfolio is a feature they hope to add to their website. Skidmore created the company’s slogan, “Be Your Own Revolution,” to encourage people to “be the change they want to see in the world because before you make a difference, you must change from within.” Fathom Clothing represents the unique people who wear their products, which includes the counterculture of Long Island like skaters, musicians, artists, surfers, fire spinners, graffiti artists and tattoo enthusiasts.

DFathom_5ible, Skidmore and Butera hope to be able to open a storefront and begin mass producing their product line, but still respect their small business roots. They support small business and artists, so you can look forward to seeing Fathom Clothing at fairs, festivals and sponsored events across Long Island.

For more information or to purchase Fathom Clothing, you can visit,, or email


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